Idle ears are the Devil's playthings. 

A devilish look at history over cake & beer.

Meet the Sifters

Liz Wilshin loves philosophy and theory despite her unused Bachelor's of Arts in Anthropology. She studied prison privatization in the state of Arizona and has since shifted her focus towards intellectual history and public access to information. She is an occasional baker and regular reader who lives and works in the southwest with her cat, Hissy Elliot. She should not drink coffee but tries to anyway. Her favorite color is turquoise, smell is orange blossoms, and phrase from 2005 is "bling bling." Bill Cotter is a joint doctoral student in Anthropology and Linguistics at the University of Arizona. He researches language change in the Middle East and the daily lived realities of violence and protracted conflict. He is single and lives in Tucson with his black lab mix, Carl. Bill is also an award winning baker. His vegan chocolate chip cookies won "Best Anti-Establishment Cookie." There were only two other people in the category, but an award is an award.

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