Thursday, September 7, 2017

015: Satan, the Adversary (with the Arizona Satanic Temple)

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Learn about Satan, Western history's adversary from way back in history to the present day, followed by to an informative and fun chat with head of the Arizona Satanic Temple, Michelle Shortt, and local member, Stu de Haan.

We discuss everything from your misconceptions to why you deserve to self-indulge right this very moment. 

Photos and sources: 

Below, Ed and Lorraine Warren, (aka, the actual worst people ever)

Below, Cathars being burnt at stakes

Below, Waldesians accused of witchcraft (it's a really fucked up story you can read about here)

Below, Anton LaVay

Below, Invocation of My Demon Brother (aka, your next party bop)

Additional music for today's episode from Podington Bear, Portrayal, and Squire Tuck.

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