Tuesday, August 15, 2017

014: Lucifer (w/ Eric Manix of Out of the Fridge)

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Lucifer, the Morningstar

Art: Amber Dammot

This episode was about all things Lucifer and his domain, including a discussion of Mike Carey's Lucifer series with Eric Manix from Out of the Fridge.

Medieval Depictions of Lucifer: 

Left: The Last Judgment, Hell (detail), Fra Angelico (1431) source
Right: (First Medal) Christ and the Temptation; (Second Medal) Christ Betrayal and Arrest, Psalter-Hours, Paris, France (1228-1234) source

Top: Unknown
Bottom: Untitled (woodcut), Lucas Cranach (b. 1472) source

Left: Peterborough Cathedral, Cambridgeshire, England; Middle: York Minister, York, England; Right: Wells Cathedral, South England source

Diyu and Fengdu

Figural representations of Diyu from Fengdu: 

Ghost Pavilion: