Friday, May 12, 2017

Episode 007: Fredrich Nietzsche

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So, this episode was... shenanigans.

I gave up on reading the original text of Thus Spoke Zarathusara because it was infuriatingly racist and sexist, reverting to Wikipedia, and Bill was just frustrated with me for demanding that he WAKE UP, SHEEPLE.

Fredrich Nietzsche's life was a bit of a roller coaster, marred with the death of his mentally ill father, which his mother and sister attempted to hide. He later lost his faith during his higher education and ended up abandoning universities altogether. In an intellectual commune, Nietzsche fell in love with Lou Salome who later left him for her own intellectual pursuits.
In his heartbreak (and developing hatred towards femalekind), Fredrich Nietzsche writes his "masterpiece" a.k.a., Hitler's handbook. 
Nietzsche ended up passing away at the young age of 56 while severely mentally ill.

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Liz Wilshin