Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Episode 002: George Orwell

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This week we talked about Nineteen Eighty-Four in three theoretical parts:

  • Body/Mind/Spirit/Soul
  • Sex as Revolutionary sorry not sorry, Freud
  • Shock & Torture

We discussed Orwell's life because Nineteen Eighty-Four is just as autobiographical as it is political.

Of course, we geeked out over our shared love of Rage Against the Machine, who quoted Nineteen Eighty-Four:
Those who control the present control the past and those who control the past control the past control the future
Though we misstated the RATM song-- it's "Testify" off of their landmark album The Battle of Los Angeles.

Most of all, our conversation centered around discussions of gaslighting, an abuse tactic, and the current United States presidential administration.


Nineteen Eighty-Four:
Now Let Us Shift... , Anzaldua (2014)
Shooting an Elephant, Orwell (1936)
President Donald Trump White House Press Conference (Feb. 16, 2017)
CNN Interview in Melbourne, FL (Feb. 18, 2017)
George Orwell: A Life in Pictures (2003)
Gaslighting: Know It and Identify It to Protect Yourself, Stephanie Sarkis Ph.D., Psychology Today (2017)