Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sift the Podcast is on the way!

Thank you so much for your interest in Sift. Our first few episodes are on the way to you, as are the companion posts. 

What is Sift the Podcast? 

Basically, it's a biweekly podcast where Bill and I bake and talk deep theory. 

More specifically, the set up is this: 

I, the Theory Lover, will: 
  • Deeply research a chosen social theorist or philosopher, living or dead (most likely dead).
  • Make up a recipe based on that person's life/work.
After all that goshdarned hard work and fun alone in my apartment with wine and the Internet.com: Bill and I will bake a podcast. 

Bill, the Theory Loather, will bake with me while we make fun of people in history and how fucking crazy everyone and everything is. 

You will learn, hopefully laugh, and maybe get a recipe or two that you will "Pin for Later" / never make for anyone you love or care about because let's-be-real-you-should-take-a-nap-m'kay. 

Looking forward to it!


In the meantime, please: